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Drawer Slides

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Double-Acting MINI Slides

Double Acting MINI Slides

Precision-rolled steel channels fitted to steel ball-bearings in a nylon carrier insure a vibration-free, smooth-as-silk, rolling action for lighter drawer loads, desk trays, shelves, computer keyboard pullouts. Especially preferred for drawers with 17mm side grooves. All holes on 32mm centers. May be attached with wood screws from the outside or with M4 machine screws from the inside into pre-tapped holes. No lefts or rights, reversible. Travel exceeds length of slide!

Any custom size available in quantity. Specify length of male and female needed.
MICROFORM Double-Action 27mm Slides

MICROFORM Double-Action 27mm Slides

Cabinet member screws to cabinet side but drawer predrilled holes in back and bottom to drop into pins on drawer member--easy installing, easy removal! No screws needed for drawer insertion! drawer load. Double action provides for short slides to accommodate long drawers. 27mm high with only 3/8" space between drawer and cabinet. All-steel, 24 steel ball bearings per slide for smooth, controlled rolling. Holes in bottom and back of drawer engage two projecting pins on each drawer member.
Side-Mounting 27mm Double-Action Slides

Side-Mounting 27mm Double-Action Slides

Without the pin projections and with screw holes for side-mounting of both members.

Double action provides for short slides to accommodate long drawers. 27mm high with only 3/8" space between drawer and cabinet. All-steel, 24 steel ball bearings per slide for smooth, controlled rolling. Holes in bottom and back of drawer engage two projecting pins on each drawer member.
Heavy Duty Phonograph Slides

Heavy Duty Phonograph Slides

Steel, ball-bearing assembly for sooth, vibration-free operation. Requires 3/4" clearance on each side. Slides can be side or bottom-mounted.
Full-Extension Telescopic Side-Mounted Slide

Full-Extension Telescopic Side-Mounted Slide

The preferred slide for double file drawers! Only 1/2" thin and 1-3/4" high, this slide carries heavy loads, silently and smoothly. Made of zinc-plated rust-resistant steel, superior action is guaranteed by double ball-bearing raceways. Rated at 100 lbs. per pair on 18" length, this slide incorporates a positive "anti bounce back" when closed. Expansion breather tabs insure perfect fit and adjust for minor variations in drawer widths. Easy drawer removal and insertion with accessible Hole centers are on multiples of 32mm. Front trigger releases. 10" to 36" lengths. Make drawer 1-1/16" narrower than opening.
Free-Closing Full Extension Drawer Slides

Free-Closing Full Extension Drawer Slides

Heavier steel (1.5mm), precision-stamped, cleverly engineered. WITH BOTH SIDES CAPTIVE, eight nylon rollers and nylon-tracking glides provide a silky-smooth operation for loads up to 170 lbs.

Three-section telescopic construction with positive front and back stops to prevent accidental drawer removal. Bottom-mounted drawers lift out easily and installation is as simple as a normal slide.

Oven-baked heavy epoxy coating for longtime protection against wear and corrosion. Gloss Black or White. Holes at 32mm combinations.
Progressive-Action Extra Heavy Duty Full-Extension Slide

Progressive-Action Extra Heavy Duty Full-Extension Slide

For desk file drawers, lateral files and store fixtures where heavy loads combine with frequent use. As the drawer is opened, a center guided wheel activates the motion of the next of the three-section assembly.
Zinc-plated steel, 12"-26" lengths.
  • Only 1/2" thick by 4" high
  • Rated at 150lbs.per pair on 18" length
  • Side-mounted three-section telescopic motion
  • Positive trigger-release for easy drawer removal
  • Unhanded cabinet member for fool-proof assembly
  • Double steel ball-bearing raceways with "anti-bounce back"
  • Separately mounted cabinet brackets firmly suspend drawers
"No-Shimmy" Captive-Roller Slides

"No-Shimmy" Captive-Roller Slides

Guided-rolling with wheels on right side captive in "U-shaped" track to ensure straight motion without "shimmy". Left side is free to accommodate slight variances in drawer widths. Smooth, silent running on special Delrin-and-steel wheels. Epoxy-coated finishes in white, brown, black and almond especially valuable tor high humidity areas.
  • Lengths from 12" to 24"
  • Rated at 75 lbs. per pair on 16" length
  • Screw-hole centers on multiples of 32mm
  • Drawer extension 4" less than slide length
  • Accommodates drawer variances up to 3/16"
  • For bottom-of-drawer mounting or side-of-drawer mounting
  • Cabinet member adjustable vertically up-and-down
  • Drawer ...
Steel Drawer Slides

Steel Drawer Slides

Steel drawer slides with heavy-duty nylon rollers mounted on ball bearing hubs. All parts precision riveted; no spot welds to fail!
75 lb. rated capacity on 16" length. Positive stops in open and closed positions. Baked powder-coat in Almond color. Height 3".
Drop-front Captive Slides

Drop-front Captive Keyboard Slides

For keyboard extraction, drop-front desk-drawers or for extra accessibility in tight places!
A captive slide with a hinged front bracket which locks in the vertical position when closed out permits the drawer front to drop when open. Steel, rust-free epoxy-coated with Delrin rollers.

DI6415/14"KEY and DI6415/16"KEY are stocked in black or white baked epoxy color.
Other lengths and colors to order.
Full Extension Anti-Bounce Drawer Slide

Full Extension Anti-Bounce Drawer Slide

Self-closing! Self-locking!
Anti-Bounce Back! Full Extension!
  • Closes itself firmly and locks itself.
  • Will not be extracted by bumps or road-jarring.
  • Full-extension with 1" overtravel
  • Ball-bearing side-mount slides with 100 pound rating.
  • 1-7/8" high and only 1/2" thick
  • 14"-22" lengths. Other lengths on special order.
  • Lever disconnect for easy drawer removal.
  • Self-adjusting breathing tabs for side-clearance compensation.
Micro-guide "Thin" Roller Glide

Micro-guide "Thin" Roller Glide

A bottom-mount slide only 7/16" thick by 11/16" high that can handle desk pencil trays, computer keyboards, shelf-pullouts from 1/2" thick and up. Rated at 35lbs. per pair on 16" length.

Size from 14"-24". Low cost, easy to install, easy to extract.
Holes are on 32mm multiples.
Snap-In Rear Bracket Adjustable 3-ways

Center Drawer Slide

Ball Bearing Rear-mounting Bracket is Adjustable in 3 Ways
  • 12-22" lengths
  • Zinc-plated
  • Single-action
  • Front-to-back: 1-3/4"
  • Side-to-side: 1-1/4"
  • Up-and-down: 3/8"
For bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, vanities and office furniture. Underneath the drawer or on the sides, when rear-wall mounting is required.
Drawer Slides

Indamatic Soft Close Add-On for Drawer Slides

Smooth as Velvet DRAWER SLIDES
New! Indamatic Gradual soft-closing


14" to 24" lengths
Screw holes on 32mm modules
Clip engages automatically on drawer insertion 55 pound load rating
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